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Human resources

LE GAZ INTEGRAL is a strong advocate of team work, evidenced by various disciplines, such as project managers, process engineers, draftsmen, and accountants collaborating on projects. Taking pride in team work is favorable for our clients, partners and employees, as it facilitates communication and encourages the exchange of ideas, making the work more efficient.

Our Commitments

Since its establishment, LE GAZ INTEGRAL has been committed to providing its customers with services and plants in respect of the following essential criteria:

Safety of people and property
Technical performance
Delivery times

LGI Group has constantly improved its standards in order to align them with those of the most demanding customers, especially in terms of health & safety, as well as ensuring a high standard of quality.
This is made evident by our unequalled safety results of 1 accident in 10 years!
This approach also resulted in the implementation of a Quality Management System certified ISO 9001: 2008 and the application of the OHSAS 18001.