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Our activities

In order to provide its clients with the best compromise between technology and cost, LE GAZ INTEGRAL offers its own technologies as well as a set of third-party licenses. LE GAZ INTEGRAL builds up new units and participates in modifications of exiting units (revamping, debottlenecking, and improvement of performance).

Skid mounted units are offered by LGI, in order to meet the constraints present on construction sites.


Gas treatment

  • Solvents Recovery
    - Activated carbon
  • Oil & Tars removal
    - Electro filter
  • Coke oven gas
    - Claus
    - NH3 wash
  • HC dew point control

Sulphur Recovery Unit / Tail Gas Treatment (SRU & TGT)

  • Claus Units
    - Oxygen enrichment up to 100 %
    - Sour water stripper gas treatment
  • TGT
    - Sub Dew point
    - Direct oxidation
    - Hydrogenation plus amine
    - Chemicals ATS, AS.
  • Treatment of SO2 and elemental sulphur production

Flue Gas treatment


Sour water stripper 

  • One stage
  • Double stage with the separation of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide


Oil Gasification

A process of production of low or medium calorific gas from fuel oils or high sulfur petroleum residues, for town gas for the production of synthesis gas (syngas) which may be also used for the production of fertilizers (urea, methanol, etc.) and other processes under high pressure and temperature for the production of syngas.
Completion of more than 70 units in a few years.

Coal Gasification 

LGI is a vendor of licensed technologies for the low pressure process of production of town gas and by extension for the production of synthesis gas (syngas) which may be used for the production of fertilizer (urea, methanol, etc.), as well as other chemical processes under pressure (of the type Texaco / GE) for the production of syngas.

Completion of more than 300 units, including 15 recent achievements in China.

Steam Reforming

The steam reforming is a process of conversion of methane and other hydrocarbons into hydrogen and carbon monoxide, through a catalytic reaction.
Hydrogen and carbon monoxide obtained are used as a feed for other industrial processes.


Feasibility studies
Technical and economic audit
Process development
Basic engineering FEED/FEL
Detail engineering
Inspection and audits
Procurement, inspection, follow up
Construction / construction supervision
Commissioning and start-up services
Turnkey plants
Plant operation and maintenance

High-tech activities

Since its establishment at the beginning of the 20th century,
the group has become an important player in the fields of strategic
high-tech activities:

  • Gas treatment (Oil & Gas)
  • Gas production
  • Sulphur processes
  • Treatment of liquid and gaseous effluents